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Working Capital

Working capital is your business’s investment in short-term assets needed to operate over a normal business cycle. A business’s cash needs relate primarily to accounts receivable, inventory, and other items that may be listed as current assets on the balance sheet. Working capital financing is how a business finances its current assets.  Often there is a cash need to finance activities that do not involve assets measured on the balance sheet. Some examples are as follows:

      • Product Redesign
      • Employee Expansion
      • Licenses
      • Insurance
      • Security Deposits
      • Real Estate Improvements
      • Non-Financed Capital Expenditures
      • Acquisition

Cembrus Working Capital Structures:

      • Factoring
      • Accounts Receivable Loans
      • Inventory Loans
      • Term Loans
      • Line’s of Credit
      • SBA 7A working capital loan program available

Transaction Criteria

Cembrus provides Working Capital financing and evaluation of your current working capital needs. Our typical transaction meets the following criteria:

      • 1MM- 10MM Funded line for Lower Middle Market
      • 10MM- 50MM Funded line or line availability for Upper Middle Market
      • Receivables- Advance rates to 85% of eligible receivables
      • Inventory advance to 60%

Working capital investment is the lifeblood of any company. Call Cembrus today to discuss your working capital solutions. 949.797.9185