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Whether you are trying to improve your bottom line, increase sales, or cut expenses, Cembrus can provide advisory services necessary to be successful in today’s environment.

Cembrus provides the following Management Consulting Services:

      • Profit Analysis and Improvement
      • Employee Analysis – Game plan for hiring or firing key employees
      • Competitor Analysis – Market intelligence to give you the edge against your competitors
      • Process Improvement- Work flow optimization
      • Systems Integration consulting
      • Equipment Cost Analysis
      • Procurement
      • Cost Reduction
      • Clear Strategic Direction
      • CFO services – interface with your CPA or analyze and match your company with the right firm

Most consulting engagements are preludes to a transaction such as:

      • Acquisition
      • Business Sale
      • Recapitalization
      • Capital Infusion
      • Refinancing

Cembrus can provide valuable insight on the operation of your business without the expense of a full time CFO that can cost upwards of 250K per year. If your business can benefit from any of the categories mentioned above, please call us today to schedule a meeting with one of our professionals.

Turnaround Consulting

Companies in financial crisis are faced with stress, complexity and a mix of strategic options. As funds are depleted and creditors and banks become more demanding, the challenges mount. The organization is faced with several, if not all, of the following issues:

      • Depleted capital or rapidly depleting accounts
      • Investor or board confidence in the management team is lost
      • Low company-wide morale; key employee exits
      • Frustrated, scared management team that fails to work well together
      • Sales fall short of targets or are on a downward trend
      • Out of control expenses
      • Customers experience poor or low quality support/products
      • Bank threatening to foreclose or company thrown into the workout department
      • Lines of Credit frozen

Cembrus Capital offers several services that deal with sensitive yet critical turnaround scenarios, including:

      • Financial feasibility analysis
      • Bank negotiation and creditor negotiation
      • Financial modeling and due diligence for investors, banks, boards and stakeholders
      • Business plan revisions and investment proposals
      • Alternative capital resources investigation and placement
      • Immediate cost reduction opportunity investigation
      • Measurable, executable strategy design
      • Recommended action reports
      • Lease and occupancy cost evaluations
      • Cost reduction and accounts payable discount negotiation
      • Valuation and liquidation analysis
      • Pre bankruptcy planning
      • Friendly Assignment for the benefit of Creditors
      • Chapter 11 information organization for counsel (if necessary)
      • Preference payment recoveries investigation and management
      • Chapter 11 Plans of Reorganization preparation (with counsel)

Cembrus provides fast, creative, strategic financial advice. We work with management and staff and/or directly implement initiatives as an internal consultant.

Debt Advisory

There are several circumstances in Corporate Finance that do not require a complete hands-on Management Consulting arrangement or Turnaround solution. Many times companies outgrow their current lender or the current lender outgrows the company and neither know it. Cembrus associates are experts in evaluating existing partnerships between your company and its lender(s) and devising a specific plan to improve upon it by matching your company with a better lending structure and relationship. Companies that do not fit our direct lending solutions many times choose to have Cembrus create a plan for recapitalization and represent them to our wholesale lending relationships. Cembrus maintains institutional relationships with over 40 different public and private lending sources to accomplish this. Because of these relationships and volume of business, Cembrus often can negotiate better rates and terms than companies can get directly.

Many companies make the mistake of assembling a credit request package without dictating what it is that they require; Sending a package out to many banks without directing exactly what you need not only jeopardizes your company’s ability to obtain the financing it needs, it gives banks an open invitation to propose what works for THEM and not what is best for the company.

Benefits of Debt Advisory:

      • Less costly up front than complete Turnaround Consulting or Management Consulting
      • Less invasive and disruptive to business operations
      • Pay for performance fee structure- Cembrus creates the plan and is paid for execution rather than hourly
      • Substantial improvement in borrowing cost structure and lending flexibility for the company
      • Expert evaluation and guidance toward financial goals
      • Leverages ALL lending possibilities vs. one or two sources that have called on the company

This evaluation approach crosses over all products including:

      • ABL- Asset Based Lending (Inventory and Receivables)
      • Equipment Financing or Term Lending
      • Real Estate Financing- Sale/Leaseback or Refinancing
      • Creative Subordinated Debt Structures
      • Cash Flow Lending